Questions For Reflection

Before we begin, take a moment to reflect on your experiences with revision and remixing. Your instructor may ask you to freewrite about one or more of these questions in your learning journal.

  1. In the beginning of the semester, we discussed the writing process. Have you made any changes to your writing process over the semester? How are these changes working?
  2. Write a paragraph connecting Brenda Knights’ narrative to the rest of the chapter or to your own experience.

  3. Think about the last time that you learned something new. What steps did you take to learn the new skill?
  4. Have you ever applied skills you’ve learned in one class to another class? What new insights did you come up with?
  5. How has the peer workshopping process impacted you? Have you made changes based on your peers’ feedback? How does this process feel now that you have tried it a few times?


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