Activities For Further Reflection

Before we begin, consider the following questions. Your instructor may ask you to freewrite about one or more of these questions in your learning journal.

  1. In Brenda Knights’ chapter, she talks about silences and when not to speak. Write a paragraph explaining how this information fits with the rest of the chapter.
  2. Find an essay or project that you created in another class. Then, prepare a 3-minute presentation trying to make your audience care about the topic. Tell the story of your assignment. If possible, record your presentation and pay attention to body language, enunciation and storytelling.
  3. Watch the first minute of a TED talk or other public speaking video. Then, write a short paragraph about how the speaker tries to hook the audience in. Consider voice, body language, visuals, storytelling and other elements.
  4. Think back to the last oral presentation that you did (either for work or school). How did it go? Write a very short letter to yourself giving some advice for improvement based on what you’ve learned.



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