Activities For Further Reflection

Your instructor may ask you to complete one or more of the following exercises.

  • Think back to your last job. Freewrite on the topic “what did I do in this role that the average employee wouldn’t have done?” Then, take what you’ve written and turn it into 3 – 5 sentences for your resume that focus on your accomplishments, not your job duties.
  • Pick a fictional character and try to write a resume for them. Have fun with it. For example, if you picked Elsa from Frozen, you might write “Harnessed abilities to create systemic changes across environment, leading to a 50% reduction in temperature and a 100% increase in singing.”
  • Find a job posting online. Highlight key phrases and make a list of the top 3 qualities/skills that the employer is looking for.
  • Read 10 job postings for a career that you want after graduation. Underline key phrases, then look for trends among the postings. What are the most common skills/qualities/traits that employers are looking for? Identify 3, then write 1 – 2 paragraphs explaining how you’ll acquire these skills/qualities/traits before graduation.
  • If you have experience with a different culture, write a blog post explaining to someone who’s just moved to the country how to get a job there.


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