What Do Experts Say About Reading and Writing?

The question of how to become a better writer has been studied extensively for decades. We actually know a lot about how people learn to read and write, and how to help students improve. Here are just a few writing beliefs that researchers, writing teachers and scholars believe to be true.[1]. How many of these points do you agree with?

  1. “Everyone can become a better writer.” [2]
  2. “People learn to write by writing.”[3]
  3. “Writing is a process.”[4]
  4. Writing helps us think and figure out what we have to say.
  5. There is no one way to write well. Different writers have different processes and may even change their process depending on what type of writing they’re doing.
  6. Editing, revising and rethinking are important to help writers reach their potential.
  7. “Writing and reading are related.”[5] Reading will improve your writing. It doesn’t even matter what genre you read. Read what you enjoy.
  8. Talking about your writing with your peers and your teacher can make you a better writer.

In short, you can become a better writer. In fact, some studies have found that students who believe that they can become good writers improve faster than those who don’t[6].

I believe that you are a good writer. I believe that you can become a better writer. I believe that you use your writing skills every day. It’s hard to change a belief overnight, so perhaps you don’t yet agree with me. That’s okay. Over the course of the semester, we’ll build on what you already know and apply it to the workplace. We’ll figure out a writing process that works for you. And hopefully, by the end of the semester, you’ll have created writing that you’re proud of.

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