Activities For Further Reflection

Your instructor may ask you to complete one or more of the following exercises.

  1. Create a quiz that tests your classmates’ citation skills.
  2. Come up with 10 questions that you still have about citation. Compare them to your partner’s questions. See how many you can answer together. If you don’t know the answer, ask your instructor or see if you can find the answer in the KPU Citation Guides.
  3. Complete a Citation Scavenger Hunt. Using the Internet and the KPU Citation Guides, do the following:
    • Cite an Instagram account in MLA.
    • Find a blog post about the rising costs of textbooks and cite it.
    • Find an article by Alicia Elliot then paraphrase a point she makes and create an in-text citation.
    • Cite a scholarly article in APA.
    • Create a block quote.
    • Cite a tweet in MLA.
    • Answer the question “If a student does a survey, should it go in an APA bibliography?”
    • What about an MLA bibliography?
    • Cite a news article without an author in either MLA or APA.


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