Brenda Knights Narrative

Kwantlen translates to ‘tireless runner.’ We had a shortage of staff in one of our businesses one night and it resulted in one night, going out and covering the shift. And some people say, wow, that’s amazing, you went off and covered the shift. But I know that for myself, it wasn’t a big deal. I am driven by the value that we’re Kwantlen, and that means tireless runner, and as a Kwantlen person we’re taught to step up when we’re needed. I didn’t even hesitate. I’ve been brought up this way. And that becomes infectious with employees. They’ll buy into that idea as well. They’ll see it’s not lip service, that we all have to pitch in and do what needs to be done. There’s going to come a time when you’ll be asked to step up and help. That traditional teaching tells us that when you carry a name, you need to carry it with pride, because it has a lot of meaning. In this case there was no other alternative.


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