In-House vs Outsource

Section Breakdown

If the IMC campaign and plan require resources that an NPO may not have internally, they may consider outsourcing portions of their work. For example, if an NPO is planning a press conference, hosting an event or launching a new business or marketing campaign, it may make sense to outsource resources from a PR agency as it may be outside their areas of expertise. This way, an agency can bring knowledge and expertise that an NPO might otherwise not have and thus help them accomplish their goals. This section will outline the key steps involved in deciding between in-house vs outsourced and aid an organization to:

The topics that this section will go over include:

  • Understand the difference between in-house vs outsourced operations and the pros and cons each one will provide the organization
  • Succeed with in-house operations by being able to establish a goal, realistic timeline and adequate budget for the expenditure
  • Connect and maintain positive outsourced relationships
  • Utilize a decision matrix to help you achieve a successful campaign


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