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57 Case Study: The Surrey Breakfast Club

The Surrey Breakfast Club

About SBC

The Surrey Breakfast Club (SBC) is an NPO in support of the Surrey education system that assists in raising external funding that is used to provide nutritional meals for students from low-income and marginalized families. The purpose of the organization is to help the public school system focus its funds on improving the quality of classroom learning and investing in additional resources for their students.

SBC believes that no child should have to sacrifice the quality of their education because of hunger. Its goal is to eradicate food insecurity and provide access to nourishing food so that children and youth can stay full and focused in school.

The Better Snacking Program

This summer, SBC is looking to introduce the “Better Snacking” program that educates and encourages children and their parents to develop better eating habits at school and at home. SBC has partnered with local nutritionist chefs Todd Rozell and Shawna Barker, as well as healthcare providers to host interactive workshops at participating schools. The families will get a chance to try healthy, affordable snacks and learn new easy-to-make recipes to try at home.

SBC has gained support from a few local businesses offering sponsorship, monetary donations, gifts in kind, and even their time to volunteer at the events. Conscious Cookie Co., a two-woman team that used their passion for baking into making guilt-free, high protein, and gluten-friendly cookies has offered to provide samples of their delicious cookies at the event. SBC hopes to attract more like-minded businesses to support the program.

Developing the Campaign

The aim of the campaign is to build a community in support of children’s health and education.

The Surrey Breakfast Club is a fictitious NPO created for the purpose of illustrating how to develop an IMC guide.


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