Spectrum of Allies

14 Applying the Spectrum of Allies

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In order to apply the Spectrum of Allies, you must first familiarize yourself with the current situation. Put yourselves in the #BlackLivesMatter organizers’ shoes during May 2020. In this given situation, the goal of the activists is not to receive monetary compensation but rather to uphold a movement against the unjust systemic racism and race-based prejudice in general.

Types of #BlackLivesMatter Allies

There were different types of allies that participated in this movement:

Active Allies

A group of active allies is those who are actively at peaceful rallies demonstrating their support.

Passive Allies

Those who donate money or just agree with active supporters (this group may be afraid to take action due to conflict-avoidance or they just might not be sure what actions to take).


Those who are neither for or against this movement (this group may not be fully aware of the situation, they could be more worried about their finances given the COVID-19 Pandemic or they may not know the reach and implications of the given situation).

Passive Opposition

Could be against the rallies or the movement in general (this group may disapprove of the actions taken by the movement or could be influenced by their peers).

Active Opposition

Those who show up at rallies to actively go against protesters.

Developing the Message

With the movement #BlackLivesMatter, there are many Passive Allies that agree that society needs to change but struggle to take action for a variety of reasons. Once the activists decide which segment they want to target, they can decide a path to take based on the opinions and motivations of the given segment.

Passive allies

Since this group already agrees with your point of view, your goal is to get them to take action. Asking them to show up to the rallies to help out is a great call to action if they are unsure of what action to take. If they are afraid of conflict, asking them to help by calling to protest or sharing their point of view through social media or with family and friends is another action they could take.


Getting them to visit a website or social media to see your viewpoint and encourage them to have an active voice, is a great way to get them thinking about the situation. Another way would be to get them to sign your petitions or sign up for your newsletters, allowing them to take a step towards being a passive ally.

Continued learning

Learn more about the #BlackLivesMatter movement.


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