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Where Can You Make NP Merchandise to Reinforce Your Cause?

Being a not-for-profit organization can make it difficult to secure funds for the little things that make campaigns successful, like providing refreshments or swag at events. As shallow as it may sound, your supporters are more willing to give if they get something in return. Providing them with an identification that they participated both benefits the supporter as well as your organization.

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Giving your supporters swag with your organization on it brings in the possibility of getting new supporters. Your merch is essentially an advertisement by anyone who wears it, which is beneficial for you as a nonprofit organization, this gives you free and intimate marketing as these people will likely spread their support to your cause by word of mouth.


“Purchasing a t-shirt and other branded merchandise is a great way for your supporters to give and connect with your cause. Show appreciation for donors, employees, volunteers, collaborators and more while building your brand and creating more exposure for your cause!”

Underground Printing

Companies to consider when you’re looking to give away or sell swag is a product print and e-commerce store that offers free products to nonprofit organizations, this means that you don’t have to spend anything to get the products printed and sold on their site. If you are looking to sell products for your cause, this is a great site to use

“Artist Shops provides the best and easiest platform for nonprofits & charities to support their cause with a free customized online store.”


PrintedShirts not only has merchandise for your cause to sell but can provide gear needed for events and campaigns. Though this company would be looking for an invoice, as the saying goes “you got to spend money to make money,” they provide an all-round package to nonprofits for all their campaigning needs:

PrintedShirts offers these features:

Attention to Detail: Rest assured knowing that we do events like yours ALL the time.  We will do it correctly and we will do it ON TIME!

Annual Events: That’s what we do!  We’ll take care of ALL of the details.  The last thing you should be doing is worrying about t-shirts!

Fundraising: We can help you brainstorm for something that fits the event AND your budget. We know that price is important. Talk to us. We’ll work with you.

One-Stop Shopping: We’re SO much more than just t-shirts!  Get it all done here, including all of your Promotional Items.


UndergroundPrinting provides custom gear for your nonprofit. With easy to use templates and free help from their team of artists, they make creating custom gear a breeze. Choose from their extensive catalogue with options for every budget, including premium brands like Nike, Alternative Apparel, and Champion.

As an example, here are No Hunger BC’s mock shirts for SWAG wear and Volunteering shirts:


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