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54 Choosing the Best Content Calendar For Your Needs

Ensuring that you select the right content calendar template for your organization is important. Content calendars are subjective, and picking a template can be tricky without proper analysis of what you are using it for. Understanding the difference in templates enables your organization to better align your intended posts with your target audience. This would work towards creating a more effective campaign with the correct content calendar type.

Differences Between the Templates

NPO Event Content Calendar

This template is designed to help small- to medium-size NPOs to host events. Different steps that organizations need to take into account to plan an event are described on this template as well as how you would organize your content around it. They will be a slight lag between content posts for this template based on the time leading up to the event when the event is hosted and post-event activity.

NPO Non-Event Content Calendar

This template is a general design for how to organize your content broken down into one for a small NPO and another for a large NPO. This template can be changed based on what you want to add to it. It is a basic design to get you started on how to create a content calendar and help you understand what can be added for the different sized NPO’s.

Small-sized NPO

Any organization composed of less than 10 employees.

Medium-sized NPO

Any organization that has more than 11 employees working for them, but less than 50.

Templates to Download

To download and use the templates outlined in the questionnaire above, click on the respective link that suits your organizations content calendar needs:


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