Creative Brief

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Section Breakdown

In this section, you’ll learn what a creative brief is and how it can be used to generate ideas as well as connect with your target audience.

The topics that this section will go over include:

  • Define the creative brief and why it’s important.
  • Learn how to create a brief through research and what is essential in the creative brief.
  • Understand site accessibility and user value.
  • Compare the designs of the creative brief personas.
  • Utilize your personas to customize design decisions.


The design portion of any IMC campaign is critically important. It’s the visual representation of the extensive background work and research done to put together a cohesive and complete campaign. The most important sections can be broken down into the creative brief, branding, and marketing. Each of these sections also contains several sub-sections that go into further detail.

The creative brief is the first step towards determining what your goals for the campaign are and what you hope to achieve overall. These goals should explain the intended impact you hope to have on your target audience but also your own internal objectives that you hope to accomplish.

Once you’re satisfied with the overall structure of the creative brief the next stage is the branding portion of the IMC. Before you can market your campaign, you need to establish your organization’s brand. This is accomplished by establishing a brand vision, logo, brand personality, tagline, brand colours, typography, and other supporting brand assets. Branding is important for an organization because it helps with recognition from the audience.

After the branding has been taken care of the next step is marketing. As an organization, it’s good to know about the different tools for content creation, development of a website as well as tips for online marketing. Effective marketing tools are helpful as they will allow your organization to reach the most amount of people possible. Several tactics are available including social media or email marketing. All put together, a strong creative brief, great branding, and effective marketing will help lead to a successful IMC campaign.


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