Integrated Marketing Plan

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Key Takeaways

As indicated in the research provided, there are multiple aspects contained within a integrated marketing plan that makes it successful. These components are summarized below:

  • The marketing plan would contain clear and smart campaign objectives, indicate which type of strategy it would follow such as either a push or pull strategy and explain the type of tactics needed to implement such strategy.
  • The marketing plan would identify a legitimate target audience using a combination of primary and secondary research. It would use this research to develop comprehensive personas that accurately detail a segment of their target audience.
  • The marketing plan would address “touchpoints”, which indicates a way a potential customer or existing customer comes into contact with an organization or brand and utilize this to form an experience between the organization and its customers. These customers would essentially be considered a non-for-profit organization existing or future members.
  • The marketing plan would create a detailed timeline that illustrates an effective scheduling system for the organization. This timeline would improve communication, time management, metrics, proper allocation of funds as well as deliver fewer mistakes and create realistic reminders for the organization.
  • The marketing plan would have a framework designed for a campaign budget. This framework would display the total budget available to spend on a campaign and work as a guardrail to keep your plans aligned with the current resources available towards the firm. Enabling the organization to determine their budget, choose a budgeting method and effectively allocate funds to all aspects of the campaign.
  • The marketing plan would utilize multiple key performance indicators and metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of the IMC campaign. These metrics would measure different areas of the marketing efforts that a non-for-profit organization would invest in. These areas include social media, owned media, earned media, email marketing, paid media and the organization online website. These metrics would be applied and evaluated over the course of the marketing campaign in order to accurately assess the effectiveness of it and the level of influence the organization has achieved over their intended target audience.

An organization that contains all of these components of an Integrated Marketing plan would be considered to be successful and on the right track towards leading a strong campaign for their organization.


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