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8 Transforming Research into Insights

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The data obtained from conducting primary and secondary research is only valuable when turned into something that can be interpreted. In order to develop a successful IMC plan, an NPO must convert the information into compelling and unique insights that will help determine the appropriate strategy to pursue.

Translating Marketing Information into Action

The interpretation of the data collected from the research may vary from person to person or from team to team. To keep in-sync, it may be useful to review the original problem the research is trying to solve. The person, or the team, developing the insights should be reminded that the goal of using marketing information is to gain strategic insights that will help make the organization more effective.

The managers, or the marketing team, should think about how the research results can help better understand the intended audience and translate this understanding into adjustments to the marketing mix better to address the audience or the organization’s needs. By framing research results around a more in-depth or broader knowledge of the focus of the research – like customer behaviour, audience preferences, etc., it can help the organization feel more informed and empowered to make the right marketing decisions.

IMC Planning: Analyzing the Results

The following is a list of the types of questions the organization can explore, as they brainstorm about how marketing information and research results can help adjust the marketing strategy and improve the marketing mix. These questions are a useful jumping-off point for deeper conversations about new insights and how to put them into action.

Audience Analysis

  • What new insights do we have about our target audience?
  • Which problems should be solving for our audience?
  • What type of campaigns will work best for each target audience?


  • How can we make it easier for our audience to access our information?
  • What are the most efficient methods communication deliver?
  • How do we identify if the information is properly interpreted by the audience?


  • How much return are we getting from our pad media? (ROI)
  • Are our resources adequately contributing to our marketing objectives?
  • Can our resources be allocated effectively to improve our campaigns?

IMC Research Insight Development

Here are six questions to explore to develop IMC Insights:

  1. Are we targeting the right segments?
  2. Which problems should we be solving for our audience?
  3. What attracts viewers to our platforms?
  4. What type of campaign will work best for each target audience?
  5. How can we make it easier for our audience to find our information?
  6. What are the most efficient methods of communication delivery?


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