26 Fill in the Blanks


  1. Interposition, relative size and linear perspective are ________ depth cues.
  2. ________ is defined as the organization and interpretation of sensations.
  3. The ________ ________ is defined as the intensity of a stimulus that allows an organism to just barely detect it.
  4. The visual cliff is used to assess ________ perception in infants.
  5. The ________ ________ carries visual information from the eye to the thalamus.
  6. The ________ theory of hearing argues that different areas of the cochlea respond to different frequencies.
  7. The absolute threshold for human hearing is ________ decibels.
  8. ________ ________ describes our ability to focus on some sensory inputs while tuning out others.
  9. Our ________ ________ is a set of liquid-filled areas in the inner ear that monitors the head’s position and movement, maintaining the body’s balance.
  10. The ________ ________ control theory of pain proposes that pain is determined by the operation of two types of nerve fibres in the spinal cord.


  1. monocular
  2. perception
  3. absolute threshold
  4. depth
  5. optic nerve
  6. place
  7. zero
  8. selective attention
  9. vestibular system
  10. gate control


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