73 Fill in the Blank(s)


  1. The ________ ________ ________ Manual of Mental Disorders provides standard criteria for the classification of mental disorders.
  2. Social withdrawal, poor hygiene, apathy and limited speech are all ________ symptoms of schizophrenia.
  3. ________ disorder is a psychological disorder characterized by sudden attacks of anxiety and terror.
  4. A person suffering from OCD will be bothered by repetitive ________ and repetitive ________.
  5. ________ is a fear of germs or dirt.
  6. ________ disorders involve the disruption or breakdown of memory, awareness and identity.
  7. Conversion disorder is a type of ________ disorder.
  8. Voyeurism is classified as a ________.
  9. Bipolar disorder and dysthymia are both ________ disorders.
  10. Multiple personality disorder is now called ________ ________ disorder.


  1. Diagnostic and Statistical
  2. negative
  3. panic
  4. thoughts, actions
  5. mysophobia
  6. dissociative
  7. somatoform
  8. paraphilia  ….. sexual disorder may be an acceptable answer depending on your prof.
  9. mood
  10. dissociative identity



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