69 Activities

Exercises: Watch & Learn

Who Are You Really? The Puzzle of Personality: A 15-minute Ted Talk about personality and how malleable it may actually be.

Video 12.1: Who are You Really? The Puzzle of Personality (https://youtu.be/qYvXk_bqlBk) uploaded by Brian Little.


Exercises: Read, Listen & Learn

  • Carl Rogers and the Person-Centred Approach: A discussion of Maslow’s work on the hierarchy of needs.
  • Genetube: Six short videos explaining genetics to ordinary people! (https://genetube.org/ddda95?fv=#/start-video)
  • 2016-17 Noba + Psy Chi Student Video Award Recipients: These award-winning videos about personality were made by Psychology students.  Think about what you would do if challenged to make your own video.

Exercises: Do & Think

  1. Is This a Circle? Your Answer Could Reveal a Lot About Your Outlook on Life: This very simple quiz claims to reveal something about your personality – why not try it yourself and on some friends?  How do you think it rates in terms of validity?  (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/science/12037540/Is-this-a-circle-test-reveals-a-lot-about-your-personality.html)
  2. Researchers Asked These British Mothers Which Personality Traits They Would most Wish for Their Babies – Extraversion Came out on Top: A recent study. Which traits would you wish for and why?  How do your answers compare with the mothers in the study?  (https://digest.bps.org.uk/2017/09/06/most-mothers-hope-their-babies-will-become-extroverts-more-than-smart-or-self-disciplined/)
  3. Do You Have a Healthy Sense of Self-Esteem: Another VERY short quiz, this time looking at self-esteem/narcissism.  Having answered the questions, did the interpretation of your score surprise you?
  4. Big Five Personality Tests: A brief version of a Big 5 personality test.
    Were the questions what you expected, given what you read in the text?
    Was the interpretation of your answers surprising? (https://www.truity.com/view/tests/big-five-personality)


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