40 Zero Textbook Cost Initiative and Support for Open Educational Resources

​KPU is home to Canada’s first zero textbook cost (ZTC) programs. We currently offer more than 750 ZTC courses and 7 ZTC programs. For more information about the ZTC initiative visit: https://www.kpu.ca/open/ztc

In order to qualify for the Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) initiative, sections must have zero required textbook costs, whether this is achieved through the use of open educational resources, library resources, instructor-created materials, and/or other free resources (or even no required resources). Sections may be included in the ZTC if a commercial textbook is optional or if students have the option to purchase a print copy of an open textbook (as long as this is not required). Studio fees and equipment/supplies such as calculators/art supplies do not impact the ZTC designation.

The ZTC initiative centres on the adoption of open textbooks and other open educational resources (OER). KPU provides OER grants to faculty who create, adapt, and adopt open textbooks. For more information please visit: https://www.kpu.ca/open/grants

Faculty can locate high quality and peer-reviewed open textbooks from BCcampus, the Open Textbook Library, and the State University of New York’s OASIS search tool. Visit the library website for more information: http://libguides.kpu.ca/opentextbooks

Open textbooks are available in a variety of digital formats and at low cost in print format. Watch this video to see the instructions for how to set up your assigned open textbook for print-on-demand at the KPU Bookstore: https://media.kpu.ca/media/Print+on+demand+setup+tutorial/0_izv6teqn


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