23 My Student Needs Urgent Help

My student is experiencing a crisis

If you believe a student is at risk of imminent harm to self and/or others, or requires immediate medical attention, call 911Refer to the quick guides below for more information:

My student has been impacted by sexual violence

If a student has experienced sexual violence and there is an immediate concern for their health or safety, call 911. If the incident took place on campus, also call Security. Student Rights and Responsibilities offers support for students impacted by sexual violence regardless of when or where the incident took place. Refer students to https://www.kpu.ca/sexual-misconduct/ to access resources, policies and contact information.

My student is experiencing challenges related to health (mental or physical) or learning disabilities that are impacting their learning

KPU’s Accessibility Services works with students confidentially to develop a personalized plan to ensure their access to the university and to support success in achieving their academic goals. Please refer your students to https://www.kpu.ca/access.

My student is experiencing an ongoing concern which is affecting their academics, sleep, or motivation

KPU’s Counselling Services offers confidential services to students on a wide range of issues, including grief, stress management, anxiety, relationships and family. Please refer your students to http://www.kpu.ca/counselling to make an appointment visit or to https://www.kpu.ca/keepmesafe to access 24/7 professional counselling.

My student is experiencing unexpected financial hardship and requires emergency assistance

Any student who is experiencing an unexpected financial hardship may apply for an Emergency Bursary, which is a limited amount of financial assistance that does not need to be repaid and that is provided on the basis of assessed financial need. Please refer your students to https://www.kpu.ca/awards/emergency-assistance. International students may also be eligible for limited financial assistance from the KPU International Emergency Fund. Please refer them to internationalstudents@kpu.ca for an application form and further details.

My student is experiencing food insecurity and cannot afford to eat or access sufficient food

Any student who has difficulty affording groceries or accessing sufficient food to eat every day can access the Kwantlen Student Association’s Student Food Bank service. This service allows students to confidentially order a food hamper online. The service can also handle emergency food requests. Please refer your students to http://www.kusa.ca/foodbank/. Students can also contact Student Awards and Financial Aid at awards@kpu.ca or by visiting https://www.kpu.ca/awards.

My student feels unsafe walking on campus after dark

Security runs a Safe Walk program. Refer students who will be on campus after dark to contact Security should they wish to have an escort walking to and from their car.

My student lost an important item on campus

Security operates a Lost and Found. Refer students who have lost an item to contact the Security office on the campus where the item went missing.


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