26 Accessibility Services

Supporting Students with Disabilities in the Classroom

At KPU, we are committed to

  • valuing the differences that are inherent among students
  • offering a welcoming and inclusive environment
  • providing individual accommodations for students with disabilities

disability is a condition that–in certain environments–impacts or interferes with the ability of a person to fully participate. Disabilities can be permanent, temporary, or episodic and can impact mobility, communication, learning, and mental health.

Students with disabilities are entitled to receive accommodations where they experience barriers to participation in KPU’s learning environment. Accommodations are individual arrangements that reduce environmental and attitudinal barriers so that students with disabilities have the chance to develop and demonstrate the same skills and abilities that are expected of all students.

Accommodation planning is facilitated by the Accessibility Services department.

Instructors are responsible to

Accessibility Services is here to help. Contact access@kpu.ca or call local 2001.


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