44 First Class Guidelines

Use the Faculty Self Service – Faculty Guide for information on how to use the items found in the Faculty Menu of Faculty Self Service.

The Class List online application consolidates many items in one place. On the CRN Listing page, you can view a list of all or your assigned course sections. By default, all terms are displayed or you can select a particular term from the All Terms drop-down to filter by term.

Select a course in the CRN Listing page to navigate to the Class List page of students registered or waitlisted for the course. The Class List page displays the course information, enrolment count details, class list roster, and wait list roster.

You may have students who come to the first class of the term but are not on your class list. This means that they are not registered in your class. Students with registration questions can email Student Enrolment Services.

Please note that you do not have the authority to over-enroll (overload) your class(es). If your class is at the maximum capacity and students are asking to get into your class, please refer them to an Academic Advisor.

Each student should be provided with a printed or electronic copy of the course syllabus in your first class. Instructors should review the course syllabus with students during the first class.

Classrooms are sometimes locked. If your classroom is locked on your first day, call Facilities at the appropriate campus-specific number indicated below to have someone come to unlock the door.

Facilities – Urgent Service & Maintenance Requests

  • 604.599.2076 (Surrey)
  • 604.598.6076 (Tech)
  • 604.599.3276 (Langley)
  • 604.599.2676 (Richmond)
  • 604-598-5276 or 604-360-4357 (Civic)


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