57 Grade Reporting

Use the Faculty Self Service – Faculty Guide for information on how to use the items found in the Faculty Menu of Faculty Self Service.

Final Grade Entry Application

The Final Grade Entry online application can be accessed either from the Faculty menu in Online Self-Service or from the new Class List by clicking on the final grade column. Detailed instructions on using the new grade entry application are available here.

Grading Information and Deadlines

The final grade submission deadline for the term is posted at kpu.ca/registration/dates. It is vital that all grades are submitted on time: late grades jeopardize upcoming registration, student graduation, and academic standing.

All students in a section must be graded by the grade submission deadline; do not leave a student’s grade blank.

  • If you have arranged extra time with a student for completion of the course, the student should be graded with an I grade: see Incomplete Grade in the Grades section of the KPU University Calendar. When an I grade is assigned, the instructor must complete the Incomplete Grade (I Contract) Form and submit it to student.records@kpu.ca. A student should be able to complete an Incomplete Grade contract within 2-4 weeks. If no Incomplete Grade (I Contract) Form is received, the grade will be defaulted to F or NCG as applicable.
  • If a student has not attended or completed coursework, they should be graded appropriately. Effective Fall 2022, the NA (Never Attended) grade is available to assign to students who registered, but did not attend and did not officially withdraw.
  • If there are any other errors preventing a grade being entered, please contact student.records@kpu.ca as soon as possible to investigate and resolve errors.

If an incorrect final grade is entered, you can change the grade(s) in Faculty Online Self-Service on the same day that the grade(s) was submitted. However, after this submission date, you must complete a Grade Reporting Form and submit it to student.records@kpu.ca. Please enter letter grades only on the Grade Reporting Form.

Thank you for ensuring all grades are submitted on time. If you have any questions, contact student.records@kpu.ca.


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