42 Class Usage Protocol

At KPU, classroom space is at a premium, so it is not unusual for one class to end and another to begin immediately afterward. To facilitate the smooth transition from one class to the next, please …

Leave your classroom on time

  • ​Allow ten minutes at the end of your class for your students to pack up and for you to collect your materials. If your students wish to ask you questions, please do so in the hall, or invite them to meet you during your office hours.

Return classroom furniture or equipment to its original configuration (i.e., how you found it when you entered the class) if you moved furniture around for your class

Return classroom furniture or equipment to its original classroom if you borrowed it from other classrooms

Leave your classroom in a tidy condition

  • Ask students to put their disposables (coffee cups, loose paper, etc.) in the garbage after class
  • Return unused exam booklets to the Campus Copy Centre
  • ​Collect other items left behind (forgotten pens, notebooks, etc.) and return to students the next class.


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