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Use the Faculty Self Service – Faculty Guide for information on how to use the items found in the Faculty menu of Faculty Self Service.

The Class List online application consolidates many items in one place. On the CRN Listing page, you can view a list of all or your assigned course sections. By default, all terms are displayed or you can select a particular term from the All Terms drop-down to filter by term.

Select a course in the CRN Listing page to navigate to the Class List page of students registered or waitlisted for the course. The Class List page displays the course information, enrolment count details, class list roster, and wait list roster.

On the CRN Listing or Class List page, select the Course Title to display course detail information; the CRN number to display the section detail information; change the sort order by selecting the column header; use the Search filter to search by keyword, name, or student ID, or you can use the Show/Hide drop-down icon to show and hide columns by checking/unchecking the column names desired. The Class List can be viewed in Summary or Detail view. The Detail view expands to display the curriculum details of each student. Summary is the default view.

The Class List contains the student’s picture, name and ID. Hover over the student name to view the student Contact Card which contains their picture, name, program details and email. The student records are displayed in alphabetical order (first/preferred (if one exists) name last name) and are sorted alphabetically by default. Use the printer icon on the Class List page to print a list of students displayed in the Class List or Wait List summary to a document. Send a single email to a student or the whole class list or waitlist rosters.

Summary of new features:

  • CRN Listing page – displays all terms or filter by term
    • View the list of all course sections assigned and select a CRN to navigate to the student class or waitlist rosters
  • Class List page – displays the roster of students registered or waitlisted in the course
    • Photo of student and a Contact Card with Program, Major and email of student
    • Preferred first name is displayed in the class list, if one exists for the student
    • Email one or more students in a class, putting the addresses into the BCC field to keep the student email address private
    • View the curriculum details of each student in the detail view
    • Print a class list or waitlist summary to a document
  • View course catalog and schedule details
  • Change the sort order by selecting the column header
  • Filter list by searching by keyword, name or student ID
  • Show/Hide drop-down icon to show and hide columns


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