71 President’s Diversity and Equity Committee (PDEC)

Faculty and instructional staff have a special role to play in promoting KPU’s goal to provide a comprehensively inclusive learning environment and workplace. As instructors, we have unique opportunities to further this mandate among the students in our classes. Such opportunities include modeling inclusivity through the facilitation of classroom dynamics, text selections, choices around class examples and exercises, careful consideration and use of language that promotes inclusivity, highlighting campus and external opportunities for students to learn about and engage across differences, etc. KPU’s Diversity and Inclusiveness Policy and Procedures (HR15) sets out our goals for inclusivity and the context of this mandate. PDEC meetings are held monthly and are open to all members of the KPU community.

For any questions about the mandate, ideas for initiatives and improvements, or concerns about incidents or operations at KPU please contact the President’s Diversity and Equity committee at: PDEC@kpu.ca


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