28 Course Based Research

If you are planning to have students in your course conduct research with human participants, you need to get approval from KPU’s Research Ethics Board (REB). Applications are submitted through a portal known as ROMEO, and you will have to register for a R​OMEO account before you can submit your application.

Once the REB has reviewed and approved the research, you will be responsible for the ethical review of your students’ minimal risk course-based projects. Please note that for any projects that represent more than a minimal risk, you will have to submit a Standard REB Application.

In addition, both you and your students will need to complete the CORE research ethics tutorial covering the Tri-Council Policy Statement (T​CPS2)​before conducting research.

See the research ethics SharePoint site​ for policies, instructions, and applications. Be sure to submit your application as early as possible to ensure approval before your course begins.

Contact the Research Ethics Board (reb@kpu.ca) if you have any questions.


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