25 I Need Urgent Help

I am in crisis and at risk of imminent harm to myself and/or others

If you are in crisis and at risk of imminent harm to self and/or others, please call 911, then  refer to this quick guide for more information:


I have experienced a traumatic event, am having suicidal thoughts or am having difficulty coping, but there is no urgent risk of harm to myself or others

Call KPU’s Employee and Family Assistance Program provider, Homewood Health, at 1-800-663-1142 for 24/7/365 confidential assistance including counselling, coaching, information and support.

I’m unable to teach my class today

If you are unable to attend your class(es) because of illness or an emergency, you need to inform both your students and your Dean’s Office / Department Assistant. E-mail your students and your Dean’s Office / Department Assistant. For student e-mail addresses, you can access your class list through Online Self Service . Remember to send your e-mail notifications to your students’ KPU e-mail address.

I feel unsafe when working alone on campus, particularly in the evening or outside of normal working hours.

Security runs a Working Alone program. Contact Security to check-in and check-out  with a security officer and to make arrangements should you wish to have an escort to and from your car when you are ready to leave campus.

I feel unsafe walking on campus after dark

Security runs a Safe Walk program. Contact Security should you wish to have an escort walking to and from your car.

I lost an important item on campus

Security operates a Lost and Found. Contact the Security office on the campus where the item went missing.


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