53 Archiving Course Material

KPU requires that you keep a copy of grade calculations and each student’s final work (e.g., final exam or final paper/project) for one calendar year from the date of submission of final grades for the course. Note that these materials are private, personal information; they must be kept confidential and securely stored. At the end of the calendar year, the information must be securely destroyed. To do so, you can deposit the material in the secure shredding boxes in the faculty workroom on your campus. If you are leaving KPU before the expiry of the calendar year, give the materials to your Chair or Coordinator for storage.

For more information concerning records management at KPU, please see the KPU Records Management FAQ here.

Moodle Course Content

Faculty members wishing to re-use their Moodle course content from one semester to another are responsible for creating and retaining their own back up files and for restoring the content in subsequent semesters. The backup and restore procedures are posted on the following sites. The IT Service Desk can assist you if you have problems or questions.

How to Backup a Moodle Course
How to Restore a Moodle Course


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