Sheila Dawn Early

Sheila Dawn Early, RN, BScN

Sheila has served in health care for decades, spanning roles in Clinical, Administrative and Education. She graduated with Distinction from the University of Saskatchewan in 1969. Currently she is owner of SDE Consulting Forensic Nursing Education Services having recently retired as Coordinator Forensic Health Sciences Program British Columbia Institute of Technology ( BCIT) Some of her accomplishments include:

  • Co founder (1993) First Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Program in B.C at Surrey Memorial Hospital . First nurse to perform a medical forensic examination in sexual assault in BC.
  • Developed (2005-6) first Canadian Certificate in Forensic Health Sciences (FHS) at BCIT. Co developer first Canadian Graduate Certificate in FHS at BCIT (2018)
  • Co founder (2007) Canadian Forensic Nurses Association. Currently, President Elect.
  • The first non USA member to be elected President of the International Association of Forensic Nurses ( 2014)
  • National Emergency Nurses Association Director ( 2000)
  • Author and co author of book chapters and articles on Emergency Nursing and Forensic Nursing
  • Presenter provincially, nationally, internationally
  • NEVR member
  • Recipient of Awards in Nursing, Emergency Nursing, Forensic Nursing and Education
  • Attendee at WHO Violence Prevention Alliance Milestone meetings (Geneva 2015 and Ottawa 2017)



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