Andrea Alexon

Andrea Alexon is a survivor of intimate partner violence and the author of Broken Teapots (FREDA, 1997), a collection of poems that chronicles her experience with domestic violence and the court system, and Broken Teapots, Second Edition (Amazon-Kindle, 2020), a retrospective and contemporary examination of the long-term impact of domestic violence. She has given presentations, poetry readings, and lectures at universities and regional, national, and international conferences, and her poetry has been published in anti-violence periodicals. Alexon has a graphic art and fine art education and background, and recently returned to producing art as part of her agenda of creating awareness about relationship violence. Broken Teapots, the art show, is a visual/verbal presentation in which Alexon explores those everyday objects within our domestic spaces that we consider ordinary, comforting, familiar, and innocent – and she juxtaposes these objects with her voice – the voice of an abused woman – via her disturbing poetry. Thus, she illustrates the disjunct between our perceptions of family and home as synonymous with love, nurturing, and even beauty, and the reality that for abused women and their children, home is not a safe place. She holds a MA from University of British Columbia in English literature studies and works as an English teacher and writer. Her novel, The Before, will be published on Amazon-Kindle in 2020.


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