Essays and Case Studies

Essays & Case Studies

This book includes some additional readings for students and instructors. Each item is licensed for the 5 R’s: retain, reuse, revise, remix, and redistribute.

  1. Erasure of Indigenous knowledge and its impact on culture. This essay by Martin Heavy Head (Blackfoot) explore important topics in culture and invites us to reexamine our colonial presence on Indigenous land and territories. Martin guides us through examples of cultural appropriation; whitewashing; toxic masculinity; gendered roles; archetypes & stereotypes; colonial myths; self-identity; and provides an opportunity to apply the Blackfoot Way of Life Model.
  2. Are We and Our Bodies Under Advertising’s Control? Dr. Carly Drakes introduces us to the media effects model in her essay centred on stereotypes in advertising. She gives us additional opportunities to examine  key concepts from this course including norms, scripts, enculturation, and the ideal self.
  3. The Shoe that Broke the Internet. This essay by Pamela Ip and Andrea Niosi examines the ‘accidental influencer’: Dr. Bonnie Henry (public health officer for B.C.) and Fluevog shoes came together in 2020 to create a tribute shoe that crashed the Fluevog web site. Topics included in this essay relate to motivation; positioning; conformity/non-conformity; math-up hypothesis; sustainability; and mere exposure.
  4. Hypocrisy and the Seal Hunt. This essay by Andrea Niosi and pairs very well with the documentary film, Angry Inuk, by Inuit film maker Alethea Arnaquq-Baril. The themes explored in this essay include perceptual and the perceptual process; learning; consumer involvement; the balance theory of attitudes; and the elaboration likelihood model of persuasion.
  5. The Sneakerheads Subculture. Based on the research of Dr. Jimmy Choi of KPU, this essay gives us insight into the world of sneaker collectors & resellers. Andrea Niosi has summarized the research and prepared discussion questions related to brand communities; subcultures; sacralization; pop culture; self-identity; and, hype.
  6. Raising Awareness Through Cause-Related Marketing. Adapted from a 2021 news story, this essay presents the story of how Chief Lady Bird’s artwork became affiliated with Indigenous Brew Crew to raise awareness and funds in support of Indigenous women. While the collaboration provides a clear example of cause-related marketing, a growing trend in business, the essay invites readers to explore cultural concepts such as sacralization; desacralization; stereotypes; motivation; branding; involvement; and persuasion.


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