19 Teachable Content: Student Examples

While writing my open textbook on Consumer Behaviour, I invited students to create Teachable Content that could be re-used in our course. My intentions were to give students a range of options to engage with the content and begin to recognize in themselves the role of “expert learner.” Their projects were insightful, creative, and diverse: they reflected our course concepts through their own lived experiences which made the material more relevant and useful to future learners.

With their consent, I am featuring some of these Teachable Content projects which were created by students using H5P. Unfortunately, these were not created to be fully accessible: I would advise instructors in the future to teach students about accessibility when they are contributing to the public domain creating open-licensed materials. I regret that I did not have this top of mind when I engaged my students on these wonderful, yet limiting, initiatives.

Open Pedagogy in Practice

The Perception of Colour

How are colours experienced from cross-cultural perspectives? KPU students Julie Hartman, Leora Sachar, Sarah Whalley, and Nicole Gasbarri explored the meaning of colours from 3 global perspectives in this H5P content below. (Click on the plus sign to expand the text.)

Three Types of Motivational Conflict

Using H5P’s “Image with Hotspots” content type, KPU students Simran Asere, Sandeep Grewal, Tanikka Abraham, and Aman Singh Atwal created this project to demonstrate the three main Motivational Conflicts through a consumer behaviour lens: Approach-Approach; Approach-Avoidance; Avoidance-Avoidance. (Click on the plus sign to expand the text.)

Self Concepts

We can learn a lot about a consumer’s self-concept through their consumption choices. Understanding what we buy, why we buy it, and how we use products and services provides marketers with valuable insight about our consumption preferences and usage patterns. In the interactive H5P content below, KPU students Raymon Rajan Singh Uppal, Shivani Ahuja, and Jagmeet Singh Randhawa demonstrate how a fictitious person – Damon James, a College basketball player – makes personal consumption choices based on concepts related to the Self and Lifestyle. (Click on the image of the basketball to expand the text.)

Social Class & Lifestyle

This model explores consumer lifestyle and decision making relative to different social classes by using a basketball court to draw on different income brackets. This H5P content was created by KPU students Ishita Goyal, Joshdeep Dhami, Tian Yu (Terry) Shi, and Campbell Tang. (Click on the plus sign to expand the text.)

Age Cohorts & Consumer Decision Making

How different might the process of buying a new car be when comparing Millennials and Boomers? KPU students Karan Veer Singh Batth, Khushnel Gurmeet Johal, Carlin Stephenson, and Jacob Velestuk examined the different factors that influence these two age cohorts in the H5P content below. (Click on the plus sign to expand the text.)


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