12 Reflective Questions: Raising Awareness Through Cause-Related Marketing

Reflection & Discussion Questions

  1. Explain how cause-related marketing works and how it may benefit all the different stakeholders mentioned in this case.
  2. What kind of common heuristics might factor into the consumer decision making process, specifically during the evaluation of alternatives stage?
  3. Drawing from your understanding of sacralization and de-sacralization, explain the careful and deliberate artistic choices made by artists Chief Lady Bird and Kyle Williams in producing artwork for commercial consumption?
  4. Define stereotype and explain how it differs from prejudice and discrimination. Discuss how Chief Lady Bird is challenging stereotypes about Indigenous People and alcohol consumption.
  5. Using the terms intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation, how would you discuss Chief Lady Bird’s participation in this project and the donation of her artwork to Indigenous Brew Crew?
  6. Spend some time exploring the Indigenous Brew Crew website. How would you characterize the brand and describe its various brand attributes?
  7. What is consumer involvement? Discuss how Indigenous Brew Crew is using cause-related marketing to increase consumer involvement?
  8. As a means to raise awareness, increase consumer involvement, and change attitudes about MMIWGT2S, discuss Indigenous Brew Crew’s approach using the Elaboration Likelihood Model.


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