4 Reflective Questions: Are We and Our Bodies Under Advertising’s Control?

Reflective & Discussion Questions

  1. Where have you seen stereotypes used in advertising? What factors do you think contribute to the continued use of stereotypes?
  2. Explain the media effect model in your own words. How might consumers relate to images of ideal bodies according to the media effects model?
  3. Do you think the power of the media effects model can be limited? Do you believe consumers can ignore or resist advertising’s messages, as the author suggests? Draw on your own personal experiences as a consumer and discuss this in the context of your own relationship with body ideal images in advertising.
  4. The author states that we as consumers have the power to shape norms and scripts: how have you done this, or how do you plan to do this moving forward as a student, marketer, activist, or consumer?
  5. How are norms and scripts evidenced in advertising? Include some examples using advertisements you are familiar with.
  6. Discuss ways in which advertising contributes to the enculturation process. Use some advertisements as examples in your discussion.
  7. Create a visual collage using advertisements that depict “the good life,” as suggested by Pollay (1986).
  8. The author states that ideal bodies in advertisements can make consumers feel bad about themselves: discuss this in more detail drawing on the concepts in this book related to “The Self.”


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