8 Reflective Questions: Hypocrisy and the Seal Hunt

Reflective & Discussion Questions

  1. Drawing from your understanding of Perception and the Perceptual Process, explain what accounts for Canadians’ lack of willingness to consumer or purchase seal meat and seal skin products.
  2. How could Canadian consumers better learn about the qualities of seal meal and seal skin products? Select one of the following learning theories to use in your discussion:
    • Classical Conditioning
    • Instrumental Conditioning
    • Observational Learning (modeling)
  3. Explain how a marketer could increase consumer involvement in order to attract more Canadian consumers to seal meat and/or seal skin products.
  4. Using the Balance Theory of Attitudes, explain how this model could change attitudes and behaviours in order to build a positive relationship between consumers and seal meat/seal skin products.
  5. Demonstrate how the Elaboration Likelihood Model of Persuasion could be used to change Canadian consumers’ attitudes towards seal meat/seal skin products. Be sure to draw on both the Central and Peripheral Routes to Persuasion.


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