20 Chapter Summary Assignment

Image of a magnifying glass held over an open page in a book causing the words "very tiny" to appear larger than the rest of the test. Opposite page of book features sketches of wild flowers.

Summarizing content is an excellent way for students to interact more thoughtfully with work previously created. Using H5P, students can create chapter summaries in a more engaging way than if they were to simply write notes or create slides. This Chapter Summary assignment can be assigned in small teams or individually and would also work really well in a peer-review workshop so students can experience another students summary. The self-assessments featured in the “Course Presentation” content type in H5P integrates different features such as multiple choice questions and fill in the blank.

If students are creating portfolios or websites, these summaries provide an opportunity for them to showcase their content, creative, and technical knowledge from the course.

Here are some examples of Chapter Summaries that could be shown as inspiration.

Perception: Chapter Summary


Learning Theories: Chapter Summary


Motivation: Chapter Summary


Personality & The Self: Chapter Summary


Attitudes: Chapter Summary


Media Attributions


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