6 Reflective Questions: The Shoes That Broke The Internet

Reflective & Discussion Questions

  1. How would you describe Dr. Bonnie Henry’s motivation to work with Fluevog on the tribute shoes? Discuss this in the context of intrinsic vs extrinsic motivation.
  2. Create a perceptual map for Fluevog Shoes and a handful of its closest competitors. Explain how you have selected the axes and where you have positioned Fluevog on the map.
  3. Create a profile of “Fluevogers”: draw on some of the following concepts in making the profile:
    • Psychographic description
    • Lifestyle & AIO statements
    • Conformity vs non-conformity
  4. Using the match-up hypothesis, evaluate Dr. Henry as a “source” (imagining her as a sort of “accidental influencer”).
  5. Read more about Fluevog’s approach to environmentalism: how can their efforts be frame in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals? Which goals do you think they are working towards?
  6. Fluevog shoes are both popular and well-known on the west coast of Canada: using concepts of proximity and mere exposure, discuss how the brand has likely gained a stronger following in this region more others.


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