10 Reflective Questions: The Sneakerheads Subculture

Reflection & Discussion Questions

  1. Can you name any similar consumer goods or branded products that have traits to sneakers? Specifically that are:
    1. Collectible?
    2. Resalable?
    3. Strong brand community?
  2. Using the information in this case, discuss the differences between a brand community and a subculture?
  3. Where do we see evidence of sacralization occurring in the sneaker subculture and brand communities?
  4. Discuss how consumer goods become part of “popular culture” and identity 2-3 other goods you feel are also representative of pop culture.
  5. What is hype and how has it contributed to the different forms of value discussed in this case?
  6. Jimmy Choi is a self-proclaimed sneakerhead: how might his identity be explained using the concepts related to self complexity? What other concepts related to The Self could apply to members of sneaker brand communities and the sneakerheads subculture?
  7. What does it mean when the author states that Michael Jordan is a cultural icon? How can this be explained in more detail, using more terms related to culture? What other examples of cultural icons and cultural symbols?


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