Welcome to the Ancillary Resources for the Introduction to Consumer Behaviour open textbook. There are three key components to this guide:

  1. Essays & Case Studies
  2. Assignments & Projects
  3. Multiple choice test bank (available September 2021)

In this resource, you will find a collection of assignments that I developed over the many years of teaching Consumer Behaviour. Some of these were developed to suit our changing consumer landscape, particularly what it’s like to be a consumer during a pandemic.

I encourage educators to provide an opportunity for students to identify how their consumption decisions have been impacted not just during the Coronavirus Pandemic, but also by consumer activism and other events that shape consumer preferences, attitudes, and perceptions. Students’ lived experiences as consumers during the time of the MeToo and BLM movements provide an important way to contextualize the concepts and terms related to the topics covered in Consumer Behaviour. For years now, my students have shown me that corporate actions and the failure to act and create change for consumers has influenced what they buy and where they choose to spend their hard earned dollars.

I’m grateful for all that my students have shown me over the years and for how generously they have contributed to my course and open educational resources. They have invited me into their lives and continue to inspire me to be a better educator.

I am also grateful to the friends and colleagues who have contributed to this ancillary resource, as well as to my open textbook. I would like to specifically express my appreciation to the following important contributors and editors:

  • Martin Heavyhead
  • Dr. Carly Drake
  • Jimmy Choi
  • Pamela Ip
  • Chief Lady Bird

Kwantlen Polytechnic University and BCcampus have both supported me in my OER projects and I’m thankful that they have invested so much time, money, and moral support along the way. KPU provided me with an OER grant that meant I could pay honorariums to these incredible content contributors. BCcampus provided me with a grant to complete all the remaining components in this Ancillary Resource. I want to thank Melanie Meyers from BCcampus who recognized that I did “too much work” on my textbook and therefore provided me with the opportunity and funding to create this resource.


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