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A variety of rubrics are used on work experience evaluation checklists. The most common rubrics in B.C.’s ASE programs seem to involve 3 to 5 levels of skill development such as in the examples below. Scales varied from simple descriptions for the corresponding skill level, ranking each item between1-5 for example. Others incorporated more detailed descriptions of each skill level and corresponding scales which allowed users to rank more subtle variations within each category, i.e., there was a range of scores available at each skill level. Some had single marks assigned for each item, while others allow users to rank varying developing stages of skills. Three sample checklists are included on the following pages for reference. The first is from Kwantlen Polytechnic University, the second is from Camosun College and the third is from the Focus Disability Guidebook.

Sample Rubric Scales:

Needs Improvement/Not satisfactory Beginning
Needs some improvement Developing
Meets Expectations Accomplished
Above Expectations Exemplary
Learning the skill Developing Readiness
Shows the skill sometimes Developing Skills
Shows the skill regularly Developing Confidence
Developing Leadership

Sample rubric (Word)

Sample rubric (PDF)

Evaluation Rubric ETP2 Work Experience-Camosun (Word)

Evaluation Rubric ETP2 Work Experience-Camosun (PDF)




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