22 Items Commonly Monitored on Work Experiences

Based on a variety of sources, the following list is an overview of items that appear to be most commonly monitored on ER-type work experiences and included on visit and evaluation documents.

Work Skills:

☐  Punctuality – arrived, left, took and returned from breaks on time

☐  Attendance – attended as scheduled

☐  Called in when sick or late, and notified program and employer about any schedule changes

☐  Told supervisors when arriving and leaving

☐  Took responsibility for own actions and behaviours

☐  Showed initiative

☐  Was eager and showed interest

☐  Showed a positive attitude

☐  Asked for, accepted and applied feedback

☐  Followed instructions/asked for more help if needed

☐  Took responsibility for assignments

☐  Stayed focused on task / worked through distractions

☐  Stayed in own work area

☐  Remembered tasks/instructions from day to day

☐  Was able to work with little supervision once trained (worked independently)

☐  Worked as part of a team

☐  Kept work area organized/ showed care with supplies, etc.

☐  Followed site routines (e.g.  Used employee entrance, followed security procedures)

☐  Was able to make changes in tasks/routines if needed

☐ Productivity/speed – Worked steadily through each shift (at a level expected for trainees)

☐  Stamina/physical ability – Was physically able to do all parts of the job

☐  Quality of work – Worked carefully, checked own work and fixed any mistakes

☐  Treated all coworkers and supervisors with respect

☐  Was polite and honest

☐  Showed professional conduct

☐  Asked questions

☐  Showed active listening skills

☐  Took turns in conversations, stayed on topic, and spoke clearly during work and break times

☐  Respected personal space / privacy

☐  Maintained confidentiality

☐  Showed decision making and problem-solving skills (e.g.  Used a list to remember duties)

☐  Stood up for / spoke up for self, and said what they thought (Assertiveness)

☐  Told people how they learn best and what help they needed

☐  Was able to effectively communicate ideas and thoughts

☐  Showed customer service skills


Health, Safety, and Wellness:

☐  Completed safety orientation/assignment

☐  Stayed alert and aware of surroundings

☐  Identified and reported hazards/concerns

☐  Followed safety rules and plans (e.g.  Personal protective equipment, equipment operation, signage, WHMIS practices, etc.)

☐  Showed good health habits

☐  Followed site dress code

☐  Showed good grooming hygiene

☐  Managed feelings and had good ways to handle stress


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