20 Monitoring Recommendations

  • Discretion – Observation and feedback sessions should be completed as discretely as possible.
  • Frequency – Students should be visited a minimum of once a week.
  • Feedback from the employer should be obtained at least once a week. If the supervisor is not available during a visit, a follow-up call should be made.
  • On each visit, the student should be offered the opportunity to speak privately in case there are any concerns they are uncomfortable discussing where other employees may overhear.
  • The student should have a way of contacting program personnel (e.g., phone, email, text) between visits.
  • Guidelines for reporting harassment, unsafe working conditions should be reviewed regularly.
  • Guidelines for notifying university/site personnel if sick/late should be clearly communicated (oral and written).
  • Hours should be formally monitored (sign in sheet, etc.)
  • The length of any site visit will vary widely depending on individual factors. A minimum of 30 minutes should be allocated. A visit should include time for observation, discussion with the supervisor and feedback to the student.
  • Checklists should be completed immediately after the visit whenever possible for accuracy (not while observing the student).
  • Program personnel should ensure they have appropriate safety equipment/attire for planned site visits (steel-toed footwear, etc.) and are dressed appropriately for the conditions and culture of the site.
  • Program personnel should visit the site equipped with all relevant information -visit checklist, the supervisor’s name and all of the information you require about the student (current goals, problems, follow-up items, etc.)
  • If taking photos or videos – has the employer given permission? Has the student signed a consent form? Have personnel ensured no non-consenting individuals (e.g. children) are included in the photo?


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