17 Broad Objectives

(Why is the student being placed at a particular site?)

  • What is the specific purpose of this work experience? (Job exploration, job shadow, situational assessment, skill refinement/enhancement, potential employment, individualized guidance/mentorship opportunity, etc.)
  • What are the specific, individual outcomes for this work experience?
  • How and why was this specific site selected? (institution recommendation/student request/collaboration, other)
  • Is the site a match for the student’s interests, abilities, aptitudes?
  • Does the proposed scope of duties allow for new/enhanced learning opportunities?


  • Does the site have a positive reputation in the community? Are there any unfavourable internet reviews, such as Google Reviews? Are there any complaints listed with the Better Business Bureau or other consumer agencies?
  • Have there been any WorkSafeBC penalties to the employer for recent safety transgressions?
  • Is the company website up to date? Does it accurately depict the appearance and surroundings?
  • Has an on-site inspection been conducted by a member of program staff who is equipped/experienced enough to do a due diligence inspection and site approval?
  • Has the employer participated in an orientation meeting with program personnel where the contract conditions, program goals, student outcomes, program expectations, roles, etc. are clearly covered and agreed to?
  • Have guidelines around visit practices, contract, expectations, evaluations, etc. been thoroughly reviewed and agreed to?
  • Have expectations around the number of work experience students on-site at any given time been reviewed? Some sites will host multiple agencies and workers at the same time, possibly diluting the quality of the experience and the amount of real supervision/mentoring available.
  • Have schedules (frequency) and access to the site for visit appointments been clearly established? The program will need to enquire as to whether a phone call is required or if drop-in visits are okay. Ideal visit times will be discussed (For example, nap time may not be an ideal time to observe a student in a childcare setting)
  • Have guidelines and procedures around any off-site activities been discussed? (For example, is the student permitted to travel off-site to participate in deliveries, etc.?   If so, have liability and insurance coverages been clearly explained?)
  • Have protocols such as entrance procedures been discussed? For example, is there a special entrance, or entrance procedures for hours when the business is not open to the public (e.g., restaurants pre-opening).
  • Are there any special security measures (codes, locks, bag checks, lockers, etc.)?
  • Have specific requirements around supervisor availability for feedback been established?
  • Will a supervisor/mentor be available to the student at all times?
  • Will direct co-workers be able to communicate with the student? (e.g., is there a language barrier?)
  • Is there a specific job description?
  • Is the supervisor/mentor the same person as the interviewer? If not, how will the supervisor/mentor get the required information after the interview?
  • Are there any special security procedures? (Codes, bag checks, sign-ins, etc.)


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