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In addition to the common items included on formative and summative evaluation checklists, there were some additional items included on final work experience evaluations. For example, employers were also asked:

  • What were the student’s strengths?
  • What areas would the student need to improve to work for pay in this position/field?
  • Do you feel the student is employable in this position?
  • If you had an opening, would you hire this student?
  • Do you have recommendations for other jobs/tasks this student may be suited for?

In addition to mandated self-assessment, through processes such as Institutional Program Review, some ASE ER programs also seek employer feedback about their own performance at the end of a work experience, or term. A sample of the feedback typically requested is included below:



We would appreciate your assistance in evaluating our work experience program. Your response will enable us to determine how satisfied you are with the program and how we might make improvements:

  • Has this been a worthwhile experience for your company? Please explain.
  • Were you provided with enough background information about the program?
  • Were you provided with specific objectives for the student?
  • Did program staff demonstrate an understanding of your business needs?
  • Did you feel supported by program staff if there were any concerns?
  • Did you feel the number and length of site visits by program staff was appropriate?
  • Do you have any suggestions that might improve this program?
  • Would you take another student to work for your company? If yes, are some months/times more convenient than others?


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