Procedures for Submitting WorkSafeBC Claims for Injured Practicum or Apprenticeship Students at eligible public post-secondary institutions and at ITA-designated public or private post-secondary institutions Documentation


Completion Guidelines

  1. Institution completes Form 7.
  2. Record the institution’s information in the Employers Information section.
  3. Leave the WorkSafeBC account number, Classification Number and Operating Location Number blank (the Ministry will complete this information).
  4. Record the injured student’s information in the Workers Information section.
  5. Clearly indicate whether the injured student was on a practicum or attending apprenticeship technical training, and include the name of their program.
  6. Complete the remainder of the form, as indicated, and sign the last page.
  7. Encrypt the form and email the protected document to the Ministry contact information provided below.
  8. Call the Ministry contact and provide the password to open the encrypted document.



  1. Institution – The Signature and Report Date (bottom of the third page) should be signed and dated by the institution’s Occupational Health and Safety representative.
  2. Ministry The Ministry must authorize the claim before it will be processed by WorkSafeBC (this authorization indicates that the student should be considered an employee of the Crown for this claim and that the Crown agrees to assume the liability for claim costs).
  • If approved, the Ministry will provide the claim package to WorkSafeBC for processing and a copy of the authorized Form 7 to the institution for its records.
  • If not approved, the Ministry will advise the institution of the results.


For further information on this process, or to discuss or submit claims, please contact:


Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training

Telephone: (250) 952-0247


Last Revised: May 31, 2013