Useful Websites and Links

A Practical Guide for Work-Integrated Learning: Effective Practices to Enhance Educational Quality of Structured Work Experiences Offered through Colleges and Universities


Adult Special Education (ASE) Program-Specific Transfer Guide Project


Comparative Matrix of Co-Operative Education with other Forms of Work-Integrated Education and Work-Integrated Learning Http://


BC University, College and Institute Protection Program (BCUCIPP)


British Columbia University College and Institute Protection Program

BCUCIPP – Has information related to risk management, such as affiliation agreements (under forms) etc.


BC Curriculum Guide – “Career Education Core Competencies” chart


Employment and Skills Development Canada – Essential Skills Tools and Resources (including downloadable assessments, etc.)


Experiential Education in BC Post-Secondary Institutions: Challenges and Opportunities


National Alliance for Secondary Education and Transition (NASET)

“The National Alliance for Secondary Education and Transition (NASET) is a national voluntary coalition of more than 40 organizations and advocacy groups representing special education, general education, career and technical education, youth development, multicultural perspectives, and parents… NASET’s primary task has been to articulate national standards and quality indicators that serve to guide policy development and professional practice at both state and local levels.”


National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability website: A link to the guide, “Career Planning Begins with Assessment: A Guide for Professionals Serving Youth with Educational and Career Development Challenges” is included in the appendix.


Positive Personal Profile:


Supported Employment Career Exploration Guide – Focus Disability Network Society


Think College “College options for people with intellectual disability”


Think Work “The Hub for programs related to employment for people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities”


WorkSafeBC Links for New Worker Safety Orientation Checklist (regular and customizable)

  • Young and New Worker Regulation


  • Support for Employers: Training and Orientation for Young and New Workers


  • Customizable format:


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