29 Work Experience Agreements

The British Columbia University, College and Institute Protection Program (BCUCIPP or UCIPP) “originated and is administered and delivered by Risk Management Branch (RMB) of the Ministry of Finance, in conjunction with the relevant ministry” (University College and Institute Protection Program, 2009). [1] UCIPP recommends the use of a “Work Experience Agreement” or an “affiliation agreement” to clearly outline the legal responsibilities of each party involved.  “Affiliation agreements are crucial in order to establish the roles and responsibilities of all parties engaged in the practice education experience” (University College and Institute Protection Program, 2009). A sample of the Educational Institution Affiliation Agreement template is included on the UCIPP website at www.bcucipp.org. In addition, a sample agreement for non-clinical ASE ER programs has been included in the appendix. The agreement recommended by UCIPP is not written in plain language and may be more lengthy or cumbersome than many work experience agreements currently in use in ASE ER programs. However, the UCIPP agreement can cover a period of time longer than one work experience (an academic year, for example) so the inconvenience of completing documentation would be reduced for frequently used employers. Reworking of this UCIPP document into a plain language version could be an item addressed through articulation, or an ASE ER working group. Further recommendations from the UCIPP, along with a link to a detailed article on risk management in contracts, are included in the appendix.

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