A phenomenal amount of time and energy went into the production of this Open Education Resource. Ultimately, this project could not have been completed without the inspiration and motivation we drew from our students. Thank you for your enthusiasm, curiosity, and passion for criminology: this book is for you.

Thanks are due to the original planning team of KPU colleagues whose vision and efforts laid the foundations for this project: Greg Simmons, Lisa Monchalin, Wade Deisman, and Alana Abramson. We are also grateful to our student assistant, Sumer Bhachu, for his literature review and help in the early stages.

A huge number of people generously provided their expertise and feedback at various stages. Our heartfelt thanks to Alana Abramson, Leah Ballantyne, Carroll Boydell, Lara-Lisa Condello, Andrea Curman, Nathalie Gagnon, Chris Giles, Amanda Grey, Paula Hirschmann, Avery Hubert, Krista Lambert, Tara Lyons, Gurinder Mann, Lisa Monchalin, Urooj Nizami, Dave Smulders, and Alicia Spidel. We also want to thank Lana Radomsky and Paula Pinter from KPU Open Education for their work to convert the chapters into Pressbooks.

Financial assistance that made this project possible came from BC Campus, the Faculty of Arts Excellence and Advancement Fund (KPU), the Open Education Resource Grant Program (KPU), the Justice Institute of British Columbia, and the Criminology Department (KPU).

Finally, we are grateful for the dedication, patience, and expertise of our contributing authors and for the support of our families, friends, and our wonderful colleagues at Kwantlen Polytechnic University.


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