2. Typologies and Patterns of Crime

2.10 Discussion Questions

Dr. Jon Heidt

  1. Why do criminologists refer to law as a social construction?
  2. Can you think of any examples of laws not mentioned in the reading that are NOT based on a clear consensus in society?
  3. Identify another aspect of Indigenous culture that has been criminalised under the Indian Act beyond potlatches.
  4. Can you think of examples of how your heritage may have granted or denied you privileges that others did not have access to?
  5. Provide an example of how COVID-19 could affect crime patterns that was not discussed in the reading.
  6. Devise a list of possible explanations as to why the crime rate has dropped since the 1990s. Consider changes in technology and the law.
  7. Aside from weather, list a few hypothetical explanations for higher violent crime rates in Western Canada. How does your local crime rate differ from neighbouring cities or provinces?



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