5. Methods and Counting Crime

5.12 Discussion Questions

Dr. Wendelin Hume and Ashly Hanna, B.A.

  1. Pick a contemporary social issue of interest to you. Outline the type of research study you think could be used to accurately and respectfully investigate this issue.
  2. Find two research studies reported on in your local media. Describe the studies briefly. Determine if the study design was cross-sectional or longitudinal and decide if the design has an important influence on the findings. If the design were different, would the findings possibly have been different?
  3. Write a brief narrative about your first college course or something your classmates agree on. Then, compare narratives with your friends and see if you can identify common themes.
  4. Locate a research finding either in one of your texts or online that concludes there is a deficit or weakness among Indigenous peoples (such as high rates of poverty, low educational attainment, or low interaction with technology). How could this finding be reframed to present Indigenous peoples in a stronger or more resilient way?


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